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On the 25th March 2021, EBS Counselling counsellors attended a workshop on family law. EBS would like to thank Katerine Rudling for donating her time to support our counsellors in better understanding the family court process. As EBS support clients with many presenting issues, we do sometimes encounter the family court system. The training was designed to give our counsellors an understanding of the different issues that may result in family law and court involvement, the roles played within the family court process, support that may be available to those experiencing a family court issue and some of the procedures that may take place throughout the process.

This training was designed to support our counsellors in their work by giving them a rudimentary understanding of the individuals and practical issues some of our clients may face.

As always, thank you to all of our volunteers for donating yet more of your time to make sure you could be there.

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