Proudly supporting the local community for 30 years

We were very pleasantly surprised that the Altor Charitable Foundation would consider us as a donor recipient. I think we expected a company of this size to want to be involved in more recognisable and known projects. This simply wasn’t the case. Altor asked us to specify what we needed. There is a real need for the latest suicide and trauma training. We also wanted to increase our capacity to assist some of the poorest and most needy members of our community to get the mental health support they needed. Once we had defined how the money would be used, we received the donation.

It is not possible to fully explain in typed words what a difference this makes to our charity. Some people have experienced such terrible traumas and have been impacted so deeply. It requires a great amount of time and skill to find some kind of constructive path. It is possible to help people. All people. However, it’s rarely quick. It’s a slow and courageous process of change. The process is often full of tears and heartache. However, it is worth it.

With Altor’s donation we can become better equipped to do the work we do and offer it to more people. We can change the community we live in. People who often say they feel broken and stuck can become hopeful and move forward in their lives.

Thank you Altor for seeing something in us that is connected with your mission of giving.

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