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Nicci has now finished collecting the donations committed for her intrepid swim and has paid them across to EBS. In an amazing effort Nicci has raised almost £2700. Everyone at EBS is so grateful to Nicci for her fantastic achievement in achieving her swim goal of swimming the distance equivalent of the English Channel and for her amazing fund raising. Nicci, you are a star! Pictured at the swim is EBS Treasurer Lorna Jenkins with Nicci.

EBS Treasurer Lorna Jenkins with Nicci Bollinger

At EBS Counselling we’re extremely grateful to Nicci Bolinger, a former client, who has raised money for EBS by swimming the equivalent distance of the English Channel (22 miles) over six weeks.

This is impressive enough, but Nicci only started to swim in 2019 and is still nervous in water but went ahead with this impressive challenge anyway and, so far, has raised over £2500.

Nicci and EBS particularly want to thank Itooth St Cuthbert’s Dental Surgery at Winchester for contributing a magnificent £150.

Nicci also wants to thank her husband Lee, Sam from Wessex Swim School, Lewis at Kings School Pool and everyone who has supported and encouraged her. Thank you, Nicci!

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