Donation Received from Wessex Vale Crematorium

Wessex Vale Crematorium was pleased to continue their support to Eastleigh Bereavement services by providing a donation of £1704.43.
The payment is the result of proceeds from the recycling of unwanted metal and orthopaedic implants which were donated by the next of kin.
The scheme to retrieve metals left over from the cremation process has been running since 2008. This year Wessex Vale Crematorium chose to donate further money to Eastleigh Bereavement Services.

Crematorium Manager Lisa Johnson said “Without these kind donations, the metal cannot be recycled and then has to be treated as waste.
We ask every bereaved family when they make the funeral arrangements if they would allow us to recycle this metal. If they say yes, this is sensitively removed from the ashes and recycled in a non-profit manner. We appreciate this is an extremely sensitive subject but hope that bereaved relatives can take some comfort in knowing that the money raised has helped a good cause”.

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